What are the best types of networking events?

The networking today is a very effective tool in events as it increases business opportunities. These meetings are an appropriate strategy for SMEs or companies that want to reinforce their image and generate new communication and business ties.

The networking helps to arise personalized contact and the closest treatment. In this way, meeting points and actions are generated helping growth.

The popularity of the networking is constantly growing simply because it really works.

No matter where you are or the industry where you work, you will probably be able to choose different events where to go. We all lack time, and of course it would be good to go to each event, but the reality is that you will have to choose.

With more and more networking opportunities appearing all the time, how can you choose what types of networking events are worth it?

Find out here the type of events you can't miss.

1. Industry-specific events

Going to an event that is specific to an industry is the best way to learn from others, which is one of the benefits of networking. Most of them have the presence of a special guest and the information provided is always relevant to acquire new knowledge or know the news of the sector.

2. Round Tables

These events are usually specific for a determined industry. It is a wonderful opportunity to open a discussion that can lead to new ideas, new direction, and some motivation. Thanks to the networking, it is possible to exchange ideas, and getting feedback on recent projects as well.

3. Work Breakfasts

These types of events are less industry-specific and are more location-focused. They are held in the morning before the start of the workday, they are a fun way to create networking without interruptions. You can launch new ideas and get the opinion of potential clients or employers.

4. After-hours events

Some events mix networking with informal drinks and finger food. The atmosphere is more relaxed and it often makes approaching strangers a little easier.

5. Online networking

LinkedIn is probably the best place to find online networking groups. Through this powerful social network you can find all kinds of groups that correspond to your target or niche in your industry. You may also be able to reach a large audience and do it when it suits you best.

If you’re not sure what kind of networking event is going to best suit you, try a few and see which ones give you the best results.

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