Inside Sales for Companies in the IT Sector

Inside Sales specialised in Generating need in your clients

Inside Sales gathers up all the needs and doubts of your future clients. They are the first to contact clients, to meet them and generate potential need, whether through cold calling or registers generated online.

Our Inside Sales team performs an end-to-end task, from the first moment of contact to follow up. Once a project becomes a Qualified BANT Lead, it is passed to the Sales Department.

This is why our Inside Sales are divided by technological area, as conversations must be both technical and commercial, adapting themselves to following the course of the Lead over a series of chats, discussing clients’ needs, giving an edge over the competition. The service comprises:

  • Analysis of campaign data and your clients’ needs.
  • Gathering of information and adaptation of messages per call.
  • Updating and adding of new client registers.
  • Opportunity follow up. We Generate Pipeline.
  • Informative and technological Lead qualification.
  • Contact and Conversion.
  • Outsourcing service for Inside Sales.

Areas of Work. IT Solutions of Inside Sales specializing in B2B Companies

  • Infrastructure and Servers.
  • Storage and Backup.
  • Networks and Security.
  • Virtualization and Cloud.
  • Data bases.
  • Management Software.

Our Inside Sales team can work either in our or your offices.

We speak the same language, adapting our register to all areas, offering better value and technological details that help qualify opportunities and our specialised team makes life easier for your sales department.

We mould ourselves to your needs and integrate into your team if required. We set up ongoing communication and align ourselves to your strategy either from our or your offices. Call us.

At PGR we offer Inside Sales Services especially focused on B2B companies in the IT Sector with the objective of generating qualified Leads.