We now live in the era of Content Marketing: Content is King

Content Marketing is based on generating or creating the best value content which can set us apart from the competition, attract the attention of prospects, showcase our expertise and bring to our Website users or companies interested in finding solutions to our products for their needs. This goes hand in hand with a clear strategy and Content Map planning the best material.

PGR has on hand a team of professionals fully trained in the tech sector and in the latest trends and solutions. This enables us to draft and design professional content for the IT sector, while being familiar with the service and solutions on the market and the needs of prospects.

Content that PGR generates and designs:

video content marketing

PGR create corporate and product videos from scratch and can even write scripts and take care of production. We make both animated and real image films, subtitling, dubbing and later viralise the videos to make them profitable in the short-medium term.

newsletter content marketing

We take care of managing your IT Company’s Corporate Newsletter, (whether you are Manufacturers, Distributors or Partners…). We write copy, do the HTML design, and schedule a timetable for sending it out. We also look after the Database and provide an Analysis that enables you to know what is generating most interest.

ebooks content marketing TI




We can plan, draft and design corporative eBooks, whether short eBooks to present a solution or complete Guides with graphics, icons and images created especially for a client. We make contents able to generate needs and via use of forms help with downloading and thereby generate interest registers..

Design of technological datasheets




We can compose Datasheets which summarise the workings and features of a product, service, or component so a given target public can know and get further information on it. Datasheets are generally brief; 2 – 4 pages, which is ideal as an accompaniment for our HTML pieces launched through our Emailing campaigns.

design Infographics




We design technological Infographics that enable our public to get familiar with a subject, solution or product right away. Through series of first sketches and designs based on your Look & Feel, we can create the content which will be perfect to go viral on the Social Networks with ease and generate brand awareness.

Thematic Blog articles


Blog Articles.


The best tool to improve your SEO and show your expertise. We generate thematic blog articles for the IT Sector, optimised to grow your visibility and profile on search engines such as Google. They will find you when they need to look for you.

Drafting of Web Content


Drafting of Web Content.


We take care of the composition of your Web content, with a clear idea of making sure SEO recommendations are taken in to optimise keywords for SEO searches. We can give a new lease of life to your Website by expanding written content or starting from scratch to show what prospects are really into.

You can count on us as a leading Marketing agency for B2B companies in the IT Sector.