What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound Marketing can be considered as a type of Entry Marketing, Permissive or Attraction Marketing which looks to grow relationships of trust with potential clients before making an offer for a product or service, which helps ensure the offer will be well received. PGR undertakes to develop Inbound Marketing methodology adapted to and centered on Tech companies.

This Methodology of Inbound Marketing is focused on creating value content for those looking for solutions offered by firms on their online channels. This way, visitors can learn about their services and how they can solve their issues or needs.

  • Content Generation
  • SEO/SEM.
  • Social Networks.
  • Blog Management.
  • Lead Nurturing.

Inbound Marketing is a new approach for today’s consumers. A Company which offers a service or product can be found more easily by its clients online via a Website, Blog articles, Social Network messages and documents which are optimised for search in engines and Social Media.

All this content helps to understand in what stage of the buying process a future client may be in relation to the degree of interest they have in the products, taking them into the Sales Funnel and making the Marketing and Sales process as personalised as possible.

The aim here is to improve brand positioning in order to attract potential clients via value content, to feed them, accompany them through the decision process and convert them into a BANT Lead.

PGR - Inbound Marketing Agency for Tech companies

We are an Inbound Marketing Agency for IT companies and HubSpot Partner in Spain, pursuing a combination of Content Strategy and Lead Nurturing with the Marketing Automation Platform All-In-One #1 through which we:

  • Create offers and Landing Pages to attract potential clients.
  • Define and measure monthly KPIs.
  • Reduce SQL costs.
  • Shorten the length of the sales cycle.
  • Automate processes of generation, nutrition, analysis and conversion of Leads.

At PGR we understand the need to adapt to this new reality, where future clients are to be found. We are fully aware that we have to reach them in the most efficient way and when they need and this is only possible with a strong presence on digital media and being visible when they seek solutions to their needs.

To ensure our strategy is successful, we work using Marketing Automation specialised in the Inbound Marketing platform, HubSpot, which enables us to generate Leads by grouping and coordinating a series of different Online Marketing Online tools, along with a lot of effort and teamwork.

We are ready to help you design your Inbound Marketing Plan, adapted to Tech Companies to reach your potential clients with guarantees and convert them into LEADs and when they are prepared, into future clients: