Our IT Channel Marketing Services

Creation of a go to market Channel Marketing Plan with your Partners based on corporate marketing strategy is a must in all global companies, because they need to create specific demand generation in the market and grow recognition of their brand.

  • Joint planning of annual activities with each Partner depending on corporate strategy and target markets.
  • We are your Channel Marketing Department: support and performing of all activities, including weekly follow up with every partner and reporting to manufacturers.
  • Application of brand guidelines and corporate messages in activities with the Channel.
  • ROI Generation and monitoring
  • Advice to the Channel on which the best campaigns are to perform according to the profile of each partner. Devise solutions and target markets to ensure your campaigns are a success.
  • Integral Services: these include Direct Marketing (e.g. telemarketing), online and digital marketing (e.g. emailing y social media marketing) and events (e.g. roadshows).
  • CIO Database: to perform Channel activities. PGR has its own B2B market Database for Spain in order to perform activities with those partners who do not have their own potential client Database.

Benefits of IT Channel Marketing

  • Partners focus on sales and hiring of marketing services providing them with a rise in the current business volume of both Partners and Manufacturers alike.
  • Knowledge of new marketing trends which will enable Partners to set up more differentiated demand generation activities.
  • Manufacturers can ensure that activities performed via Channel are in line with corporate strategy and that key messages are reaching potential clients.
  • Commitments within Channels that enable growth in sales based on demand generation activities and brand strengthening.

For almost ten years we have been assisting some the IT Sector’s leading brands to optimise their channels and improve the experiences of their channel partners.

At PGR we offer Channel Services specially focused on B2B companies in the IT Sector with the objective of generating qualified Leads and a greater Pipeline.