HubSpot Inbound Marketing Platform

HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing Platform that enables us to manage all tools and tasks needed to attract more visitors to our Website, convert them more effectively into Leads and then into Clients via an Inbound Marketing Plan.

Thanks to the Automated Marketing Platform HubSpot, we can optimise our Website and make it a magnet to attract potential clients.

Hubspot’s All-In-One software enables us to:
  • Create our own Website and optimise it via their CMS.
  • Manage our blog and publish content ready for SEO.
  • Analyse all site traffic and qualify it according to where it comes from.
  • Create a Landing Page to convert visits into Leads.
  • Personalize our Email Marketing campaigns through Lead Nurturing strategies.
  • Qualify information through Lead Scoring, ensuring the quality of Leads and conversion into Clients.
  • Enable a greater ROI in all our Online Marketing activities.

PGR is an Official Partner of HubSpot in Spain

PGR is an Official partner of HubSpot in Spain and through us you will be able to acquire the most suitable licence for the size of your business. We will plan a global strategy of personalised Inbound Marketing and run the training needed for your team to use HubSpot or alternatively, you can entrust PGR to perform the services needed to carry out your Inbound Marketing plan.

Ask for more information on the Inbound Marketing platform HubSpot, how to get it and costs involved.