Email Marketing is still the most effective tool and with the best ROI for Lead Generation in the IT Sector

At PGR, with the best possible segmentation and use of email marketing tools, we get to Lead quicker, providing you with an up to date list of contacts, thereby speeding up the process of conversion for your Sales Pipeline. We design our campaigns to fit your objectives:

  • Design, creativity and copy.
  • Optimization of subjects and headings.
  • Launch strategy.
  • Analysis and optimization of results.

If you wish, we can perform mailings already prepared with your design, subjects and copy to your Database or to our B2B Database with our CIOs and IT Decision Makers in Spain and Portugal.

We have a series of automated tools for mailing, follow up and analysis of results of all material sent.

PGR provides special studies for B2B Company environments, not just for every campaign, but for every mail shot. Thanks to the expertise accumulated over the last 8 years in our mailing service, we can help you design and plan optimum emails for; subjects, structure and contents.

From the 1.3M mails sent every year, we can put our experience of feedback analysis to work to ensure you a successful Email Marketing campaign.

The effectiveness achieved in optimised campaigns allows us to:

  • Grow the contacts on our Database.
  • Qualify those contacts.
  • Generate segmented lists.
  • Increase our brand knowledge.
  • Act more quickly to capture Leads.
  • Convert mailing into one of the Marketing activities with the best ROI.

This is a professional service for emailing campaigns focused on the IT sector where the target public will receive the message you want without it ending up in the bin or spam.

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