Community Manager: Management of Social Networks for IT companies

Nowadays, Social Networks have transformed the way in which companies and brands relate to users or their own consumers. Nevertheless, many firms do not have the necessary resources or experience to professionally manage their social profiles.

Hiring a Community Manager

Community Managers as the name suggests, manage the social communities belonging to our company. This is now an essential part of our presence as a business on Social Media. We need to know if users are talking about our brand or product, find out what they think of us and answer the questions or doubts they may have on them or us.

A Community Manager is in charge of performing these tasks, providing a report and suggestions that help companies take future decisions and aid marketing campaigns.

At PGR we offer a personalised Community Manager service for Social Networks that adapts the two way communication characteristic of Social Media to the needs and aims of your Company: to get to know the product or brand, make value content go viral, obtain Leads, broaden contact databases etc.

Optimising Social Profiles for SEO

Just as we use SEO to position our Webpages in search engines such as Google, we can also use the same principle to optimise social profiles using those elements available in them to improve our visibility in social accounts..

Social Networks function more or less like search engines in so much as that we can perform searches for specific terms. The goal of the Community Manager is to position our Company in the Social Networks just as we do in search engines.

At PGR we offer Community Manager Services and management of Social Networks focused especially on B2B companies in the IT Sector.