What is Demand Generation?

Demand Generation is the creation of a demand for the products or services of a company via a series of actions and marketing channels. The end result of the process is that the target is more open to buying or hiring the products or services being offered.

Demand Generation for B2B companies

At PGR, we generate demand through digital media content, while aligning Inbound Marketing strategies in the process of demand generation.

Although Lead Generation and Demand Generation are often used indistinctly, we should make it clear that they are different. Demand Generation focuses on getting the public perspective to take shape, while Lead Generation concentrates on capturing information about that public. 

PGR believes that Lead Generation is a subset of Content Marketing strategy, which in turn is a subset of Demand Generation strategy.

Demand Generation: Content strategy

Demand Generation is essentially focused on changing the perspective of your target public in order to create a demand for specific goods and services provided by you and to achieve this new perception content is everything.

The Value Content for Demand Generation must be broadly distributed along all possible channels so as to create enough of an impact for demand:

But, how do we align digital strategies in the process of Demand Generation?

A Demand generation strategy for mature B2B companies may well consist of Content Marketing, Optimization of Online Search Engines (SEO) and marketing automatation. These three activities are interrelated and the degree of success in introducing each of them will have a significant bearing on the success of the others.

  • Creation or Redesign of corporate Websites.
  • SEO\SEM\Email Marketing/CRM.
  • Social Media.
  • Contents: texts, videos, audio.
  • Infographics, etc.


  • Business objectives.
  • Mobile, laptops, tablets and PCs.
  • And other elements.

At PGR we can create your Demand Generation campaigns focused directly on B2B companies in the IT sector to ensure generation of qualified leads.