SEO Consultancy Service: Position your webpage in Internet

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Organic Positioning is one of the greatest generators of traffic (visitors or potential clients) to any web or blog. In order to achieve the best positioning of a website (to get onto the first page of results), Google classifies and orders millions of blogs and sites according to a series of criteria it considers important, as mentioned here. SEO Consultancy will help us improve our presence and visibility on search engines such as Google.

It is not only the corporate Web of a Company that is important for SEO positioning, but Social SEOs and the influence they may have when it comes to achieving a good positioning of the Web. The right presence may improve the positions gained in the search engines. Therefore it is also important to analyze the presence and impact of a company’s Social Media.

PGR’s SEO Consultancy Service

We have divided the key points of the SEO service into three sections and a series of general points to analyze and study in the SEO Consultancy area of PGR Marketing & Tecnología: a Report on the analytics of the current Web, Advanced Organic Positioning Strategy – the on-page SEO to be worked on in the programming of the Webpage and analysis of the Social SEO.

Analysis of web traffic


  • General vision.
  • Visitor flow.
  • Navigation map.
SEO strategy and analysis


  • General considerations of Analysis
  • Visitors
  • SEO Contents
  • Mobile
  • SEO Authority
  • BLOG
Social SEO Analytics


  • Social Networks
  • Social Strategy
  • Impact in Social Media
  • Other General Elements of Analysis
  • Relationship with the Competition