Implement your Lead Nurturing strategy for IT companies


Lead Nurturing is an automated workflow based on a series of email communications with possible clients in which each step has the goal of helping our Prospect ahead through the sales cycle.

This flow must be designed so that each phase applied in our communications answers a series of questions and needs our Prospects have to help us qualify the Lead and enable us to continually optimise this flow.

In our Lead Nurturing strategy we must take into account that our Prospect will pass through a series of states in which they will request or need specific information before finally being truly interested in our product or service.

Lead Nurturing: Automated Marketing for IT Companies

Investigation phase

Prospects are aware they have a problem or need and therefore look for a solution. This is how the process starts, with them consciously or not looking for information from documents such as:  

  • Whitepapers.
  • Guides.
  • Tips.
  • eBooks.
  • Checklists.
  • Videos.

More specific search criteria

Prospects acknowledge they need a solution such as ours and already know it can provide value. They look for arguments and details to defend their choice within their department or in front of decision making bodies and demonstrate this is the right solution.

  • Webinars, Seminars.
  • Case studies.
  • Product Data Sheets.
  • Catalogues.

From evaluation of suppliers

This is the last step before setting up a meeting or consultation. They know which solution they need and this is the moment to define which supplier best fits their needs and budget and within the supplier profile they work with.

  • Trial, Demos.
  • Consultation.
  • Offers, packages, coupons.

These three steps correspond to the three sections of any standard Sales scenario: Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel and Bottom of the Funnel.

All Prospects pass through these three stages and remain in them for the time which suits their needs and our Lead Scoring plan depending on their needs and interaction with our platform and workflow.