Generate expected results and motivate your IT Sales Channel

At PGR we are more than aware that often 80% of sales are generated by 20% of your channel. We can help you reactivate your Channel, identifying and developing the needs of the less active or demotivated 80%.

We offer three services to help boost the results of your Sales Channel:


Attraction and loyalty occur, because your IT Sales Channel grows with you. If the Channel detects the possibility of growth, the motivation will be instant. This is why the following points are vital here:

  • Definition and evaluation of the state of training of the Channel.
  • Development of commercial incentives via a business plan with every Partner.
  • Creation of business scenarios.
  • Development and introduction of a marketing plan and activities with each Partner.
  • Coordination and support in the application of co-marketing funds.
  • Definition of processes and communication campaigns.
  • Undertaking of activities to generate opportunities with automated processes.
  • Campaign Implementation.
  • Lead Nurturing, Scoring and Routing campaigns.
  • Evaluation, Interpretation and Reporting.

We work to define Campaigns to generate real opportunities (Leads) together with the heads of the Channels and your Partners. We provide you with personalized campaigns and our CIO Database. Your Partner will value being provided with a new, totally segmented account and their motivation will grow as they perceive the new opportunities opening up.

  • Definition and performing of creative campaigns to generate opportunities.
  • Campaign implementation with and for Manufacturers’ Channels.
  • Integral Management of both offline and online campaigns.
  • Follow up of LEADs.

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