PGR is an Agency providing Integral Marketing Services specialising in the B2B Market for the IT Sector in Spain and Portugal

We are specialists in the generation of B2B opportunities and in distribution Channel services for the IT Sector. In order to generate Leads we use both Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing permanently supported by our expert Inside Sales Specialists.

Our IT Sector Marketing services are centred on the following areas:

All journeys must start somewhere. PGR began ten years ago with clear goals in mind – to be the nexus between Sales and marketing Departments of IT Sector. Although times have changed, PGR still maintains the same goal logically enough, while adapting to social and technological changes as we go.

We Channel our efforts open-mindedly to meet your needs in all business areas. Whether it be your clients’ needs, information search, news media, all is changing and this means we have to constantly restructure our methodology to maintain our position as a gold standard agency in the B2B market of the IT Sector.

We continue to back traditional methods, but from today’s perspective, suffused with new tools to reinforce our strategy and offer greater value in LEAD conversion, improving the processes in order to achieve your goals, our goals.

PGR has at its disposal new tools, new processes, better alternatives to keep working hard by your side and new communication Channels to go further, to reach further and at any time.

Count on us! We are the leading Marketing Agency for B2B companies in the IT sector in Spain. We can advise you on which services best fit your business model to win you greater sales.