Companies which are aiming to grow internationally and expand into global markets need to develop a business plan for their Indirect Channel to reach their potential buyers and to achieve this they must contact those Partners which best adapt to their company’s aims and strategy.

This business plan must be ongoing to help with generation, training, and acceleration to ensure success, and increased effectiveness in marketing and so sales.

Our Channel Development Services

  • Recruitment of a partner channel, depending on corporate strategy, which includes analysis of solutions, competition and potential markets in Spain and overseas to hit on the most suitable Channel segments and territories.
  • Provide and classify a list of partners by areas, solution and/or segment.
  • Revitalize non active partners through activities and initiatives centered on recovering the Channel, and creating synergies to grow together.
  • Channel Database and 15 year knowledge of national market which enables us to vastly reduce sales network creation time.

Benefits of Channel Development

  • Increase sales beyond the reach of your salesforce in a variety of markets and segments.
  • Development of an efficient approach to potential markets.
  • Investment in partners with the greatest chance of success.
  • Grow your reputation throughout the territory.

At PGR we offer Channel Development Services specially focused on B2B companies in the IT Sector with the objective of generating qualified Leads and a greater Pipeline.