Data and Database Marketing

IT client and potential client databases are a vital corporate asset, but require a highly specialised environment to get full use of them as a marketing tool.

For successful business strategies it is essential to define potential client profiles using a well-structured Database of companies in the IT Sector. This will enable us to identify not only the potential of your client base, but will also provide a clearer view of the extent of future markets for your IT products or services.

PGR Works with the greatest, most complete and updated Technology Database for CIOs and IT decision makers on the market.

We design and evolve our own Databases in order to facilitate the segmentation of clients which produces the highest conversion into LEADs. We have been constantly updating all information, including tech data in Spain and Portugal over the last ten years in both public and private sectors as well as in the IT Sector Distribution Channels.

Every year our IT Database helps a host of Manufacturers, Distributors and Partners to grow their Sales Pipeline.

Qualified Database Service – an essential tool to guarantee Marketing and Sales success.

Why outsource Database enrichment and management?

At present our IT clients have broad Databases, but in many cases use of these in a dynamic corporate environment, where there are frequent changes in IT, finance, sales and distribution channels means that using them can be a pricey business.

PGR makes 500,000 outgoing calls to a whole host of contacts and organisations per year, from its CIO and Channel Databases and can help you speed up the processes which enable you to update your proactive data.

PGR can provide you with the following advantages for future marketing campaigns:

  • Database audits to detect duplicated entries, incongruities, normalisation data errors, obsolete corporate data, contacts and emails.
  • Searches for potential markets for your products and IT solutions and creation of a Database with valid IT, finance, marketing and sales Department contacts both at B2B and distribution channel level (Partners).
  • Enrichment of your Database with departmental contacts and emails, mainly in the IT and tech data environments.
  • At PGR we create, purge, update and enrich the most highly valued asset of a business: the client and potential client Database.


Enriquecer base de datos con tecnologia de servidores


Number of Servers, manufacturer, model, type of chassis, etc.. 

enriquecimiento de base de datos con tipo de BD

Data Base

Data Base type, manufacturer (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Express, etc) and version, type of applications supported etc

Enriquecimiento de base de datos con datos de storage


Storage type, characteristics, capacity.

Enriquecimiento de base de datos con ERP CRP BI


Type of management Software and Manufacturer (Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, etc.)

Enriquecimiento de base de datos con tipo de backup


Back up type and Technology, gross capacity, back up frequency and software.

Enriquecimiento de base de datos con tecnología de seguridad


Manufacturer of endpoint solution, appliance type, UTM, IPS, Web security (WAF), antispam. Renewal date, etc.

enriquecimiento de base de datos con virtualización


Hypervisor type, number of virtualised servers, number of virtualised (VDi) desktops.

enriquecimiento de base de datos con datos de movilidad

Mobile devices / Mobility

Manufacturer and operating system of (Android, iOS, BB devices, etc).