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Tips for organizing a successful corporate event

Organizing a corporate event often represents a significant challenge for a small or medium-sized company. We find ourselves with so many decisions to make that it can seem like an overwhelming experience: from the size and location of the venue, the date of the celebration, to the small details that are often easy to overlook: the number of chairs, the type of assembly, parking and access management, etc.

If the responsibility of planning a corporate event has fallen on your shoulders, do not despair. The organization of a successful event only depends on three key aspects:

Choose the most suitable location, choose the right partners and plan.

1- Choose the right space for your corporate event

Normally we start from an available budget and an estimate of people we want to attend. But there are many more variables to take into account when choosing the right place. Let's look at some things to consider, as well as some important tips:

1.1 The style

The first filter when looking for a space for your corporate event is to think about the feeling or atmosphere you want it to have. Are you looking for a place that resonates as "corporate", "upscale" or "formal", or do you prefer a relaxed and low-key place? Depending on the goals of your event, don't be afraid to go further. Hotels are a popular and widely available option, but they often lack the character or intimacy that can make your event a success .

1.2 Proximity

The second factor to take into account is the location, specifically, its proximity to places of importance. But what are the places of importance? The answer is different for each group and event . For example, if you are going to have several people traveling from another place, an accessible place with a good combination of transport may be convenient for you. However, if you are planning an evening event , a space close to the accommodation will be better. Depending on the objectives of your event , you can choose to look for a more secluded space and away from distractions, etc.

1.3 Visit the space in person before booking

Do you think you have found the perfect place for your event ? Before booking, take a tour of the facilities that they offer so that you can solve all your doubts, meet the person or people who will help you plan and carry out in person the same movements and routes that the guests will make.

2- Choose the right providers

Remember that each event and each space entails a different offer of services. Before making any decision, make sure what you should include and what you will not need.

What services do you need? Audiovisual systems, catering , etc.? What is the space offer? Do you have exclusives with suppliers?

Keep in mind that venues that offer packages with various services included are valid for simple and low-budget events , but these packages often go against customization and require adjustments to suit them. If this is the case, make sure you are aware of the customization limitations and the cost of going outside of the standard package.

3- Plan, plan and plan

Imagine the minute by minute of your event . Make a point by point list of what you want to happen and at what time you want it to happen. At the same time, build the list of all the means that you will need to make it happen as you have imagined: necessary auxiliary personnel, furniture, catering, drinks, signage, personalization, documentation, etc.

Do not take anything for granted or included, the details can make the event a success or a failure.

The team of professionals in event organization at PGR Marketing & Tecnología has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you organize your next event: From the conceptualization of the event and the setting of the budget and objectives, to the production and control of throughout its development, going through the stage of attracting qualified attendees, selection and contracting of the necessary services and the subsequent monitoring of the event.