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Email marketing trends that are being successfully adapted in 2024

The evolution of email marketing is constant and has survived over the years due to its adaptability and inventiveness. And, to stay competitive, it is crucial to be aware of the trends and changes that are redefining this discipline every day.

In a world where email service is key to gaining and retaining customers, but where spam filtering technologies are changing so much, email marketing must adapt to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

The trends of 2024 in email marketing

1.- Hyperpersonalization

Depersonalization can have serious detrimental effects on the outcome of an email marketing campaign . When receiving a non-personalized or misdirected email, the vast majority of customers report doing at least one of the following: deleting the email, unsubscribing from being sent emails, or classifying the emails as spam.

So, since the ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is to generate more revenue, in recent years, marketers have come to the conclusion that one of the best ways to do this is by completely customizing the user experience.

2.- Artificial intelligence

Many marketers are still reluctant to incorporate AI into their email marketing strategy because they don't understand how they can benefit from using it. They feel threatened by it, instead of discovering all the advantages it offers. But, AI is not meant to replace anyone, but rather to optimize workloads and help improve the results of email marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to personalize email by extracting more data about customers and doing it faster.

3.- Automation

Email marketing automation ensures consistent communication between subscribers and the brand. Plus, it gives the customer a sense of control over their inbox. In today's world of content overload, the last thing anyone wants to see in their inbox is another useless email.

For this reason, emails sent in a drip campaign tend to generate a better response, facilitating friendlier communication between sender and recipient. These emails are not overwhelming, as the information is presented gradually in small doses, avoiding the need to review large amounts of text in a single email.

4.- Interactivity

Static emails, which used to be common, are losing popularity. When you send an email that not only informs, but also invites you to participate in a survey directly from the email itself, engagement with the brand increases.

Marketers are increasingly adding interactive elements to their campaigns to grab their audience's attention and encourage active participation. These interactive features reinvigorate email marketing , whether it's a quiz that gives you personalized product recommendations or a survey that asks for feedback on a topic.

5.- Mobility

Marketers are already changing their game and starting to understand where their audience is. If emails don't work on mobile devices, you're not just missing out on clicks; but leads are being lost.

Therefore, adapting email strategies for optimal display on mobile devices has become a priority. This involves designing emails with a responsive design and content that is easy to consume on smaller screens, ensuring that messages reach your audience effectively, regardless of the device they are using.

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