Type of Networking events for B2B companies in the ICT Sector

25/06/2018 | Eva Valent

IT events in Barcelona are just around the corner and we would like to classify the Networking Events depending on the size, location where take place and main objective.

According to our opinion, we present you some of the events that can better adapt to B2B Companies in the ICT Sector.

Online Networking Events

Online Events are those where all the participants attend by Website or Mobile. Among the more common formats, we point out the webinars,  the virtual events and broadcasts through acts of streaming. The events are usually more economical than those that require the physical presence and they allow the companies to access a vast audience that can be deployed geographically.


Webinars allow presentations, debates or workshops via the Web. They can be in real time or on demand. The appropriate duration for this type of event is usually between 30 minutes and one hour. In addition, Webinars retransmitted in real time allow us interaction between participants and speakers. Encouraging the exchange of questions and opinions. Once done, they can be exploited as valuable content to share in our online media, optimizing the return on investment that extends over time.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events allow geographically deployed professionals to participate in a virtual way in an event that reproduces the environment of a face-to-face one: with training, networking, and elements of interactivity. Participants visit a virtual stand where they can find documentation, contact people from the company and even take a promotional gift.

Live Streaming Events

Broadcasting a physical event throughout streaming can amplify your audience to all those clients that have not been able to attend the event. This retransmission can be done through a simple webcam or hiring a professional audiovisual production team to achieve higher quality. Technologies such as Livestream, Ustream as well as the new features of Google+ Hangouts, offer the possibility of retransmitting, recording and getting the audience involved through chat and social networks.

Physical Events of Networking

The main advantage offered by networking events for B2B companies in the ICT Sector that require the physical presence of their participants is the possibility of building personal relationships with our customers. The impact of receiving personal attention, a tailored response or a simple handshake experienced by a client seeking information is of the utmost importance. Some of the most important face-to-face event formats are professional fairs, conferences, seminars and meetings around a table.

Professional Fairs

A professional fair is a focus of attraction for professionals in a particular sector in one place. The diversity of the offer of different companies in a specific market makes professional fairs an interesting place to train and network. Your company can participate directly or sponsor, depending on whether your goal is to create brand awareness of your products or services.


Conferences for B2B companies in the ICT Sector usually cover specific topics. They are ideal for the transmission of technical information as well as to capture opinions on a specific issue of our clients.


They are often confused with conferences, but unlike these, the seminars are of smaller format and may include meetings, roadshows or specific training. In fact, they are usually organized in a class format, where an expert shares very specialized information. They are also the ideal format for our sales staff in order to share their messages with their partners or the employees themselves and the channel.

Breakfasts, Meals, Dinners

Those Networking Events are in a smaller format (usually, no more than 50 participants) and they are focused on attracting clients and highly qualified prospects. Very small format (usually up to fifty participants) focuses on attracting highly qualified clients and prospects. Its more intimate nature offers us enormous possibilities of Networking and they work very well when we want to empower the image of a leadership.

To summarize, organizing an event, whether it is a participation in an international fair or a simple Cocktail Presentation, can lead to ROI results for your marketing or sales department. This is the reason why there can not be anything left in the air.

PGR can help you to plan and organize events so that your audience gets the best possible impression of your company by generating leads, inspire and motivate the consume of your products or services.

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