1. Company Data

: AMOSTE 21, S.L.
Address: Avda. Ferrocarrils Catalans 97-117 Oficina 31
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Telephone: +34 934800129
EMail: social@pgrmt.com

2. Acceptance

This legal notice regulates use of the Web page of Amoste 21, S.L (hereinafter, the Web). Browsing in or use of the Web by any user, (hereinafter User) implies full acceptance without any reserve of the conditions laid down herein in this Legal Notice, and must be read carefully by any User each time they enter this Web, should the conditions have been altered since the last time the User entered. If the User does not agree to the conditions herein, we request them not to use the Web any further.

3. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

In general terms the relationships entered into between Amoste 21, S.L. with its users derived from the solutions, products and services contained in this Web and provided by the former, are subject to Spanish legislation and Jurisdiction.

4. Object of the Web

The contents of this Web have been designed primarily to provide free information on activities, solutions, products and services offered by AMOSTE 21, S.L.

As for Access restricted to users who may have purchased one of the solutions, products and services offered by AMOSTE 21, (hereinafter the Client), the Web also provides access to the aforementioned, regulated by the conditions of service contracted. Access to restricted pages and those which include the receipt of personal data is performed within a secure environment.

5. Rules on content

The information on this Web is valid at the time of the latest update. AMOSTE 21, S.L. reserves the right to update, modify or delete information or contents of this Web, as well as this Legal Notice and Data Policy Statement and as such, AMOSTE 21, S.L. will do its utmost to ensure no erroneous information will appear in this page.

AMOSTE 21, S.L. will not be held liable for any misuse made of its Web content, which is the sole responsibility of the person or persons accessing or using it. Furthermore, the company is exempt from any liability for any damages the User may experience as a result of error, defect or omission in the information provided by AMOSTE 21, S.L.

AMOSTE 21, S.L. does not control and therefore does not accept any liability for any information contained in the Web pages of third parties which can be accessed via links. The presence of links in the Web of AMOSTE 21, S.L. is simply for information and under no circumstance is meant to suggest, invite or recommend links to be opened.

Should a User be aware that the links that appear in the Web lead to pages whose content or services are either illegal, harmful, offensive, violent or immoral, they are requested to contact AMOSTE 21, S.L., providing their name and contact number or email and a brief description of the facts. Receipt of the aforementioned information by AMOSTE 21, does not in itself constitute real knowledge of the activities and/or contents reported by the sender.

It is strictly forbidden to use this Web for fraudulent purposes, or interests, as well as any action that may overload, damage or collapse or block networks, servers or any other information technology hardware or software of AMOSTE 21, S.L. or third parties.

6. Intellectual and industrial Property

The User agrees to use the Web contents pursuant to Spanish Law and this Legal Notice and Data Policy Statement, as well as all other applicable conditions, regulations and instructions.

The intellectual property rights of the content of these Web pages, their graphic designs, databases and code are property of AMOSTE 21, S.L., and therefore, their copy, distribution, public diffusion and modification are strictly forbidden, unless authorised in writing. Likewise, all trade names, brands, logos and any other type of Web contents are protected by law.

All contents and information that the Client or User can access in the Web are property of AMOSTE 21, S.L. The above information can be consulted for personal and informative, but not commercial use. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, reproduce, licence, send or sell any information obtained from this Web of AMOSTE 21, S.L.

Regarding quotes which are used in solutions, products and services of AMOSTE 21 S.L. with respect to third parties, AMOSTE 21 SL acknowledges the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights, but where this does not imply the mere mention or appearance in the Web of such quotes represents either agreement, support, endorsement or recommendation by AMOSTE 21, S.L. unless clearly stated otherwise.

7. Technical Information

AMOSTE 21, S.L. accepts no liability for possible harm or damages that may be derived from interference, omissions, interruptions, viruses or telecommunications failures in the working of this electronic system caused by reasons beyond the control of AMOSTE 21 SL., nor delays nor blockage in usage of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloading of telecommunications lines or overloading of Internet or other electronic systems, as well as damages caused by third parties due to illegal action beyond the control of AMOSTE 21, S.L. The latter is furthermore exempt of any liability for any damage or prejudice that may be caused to the User as a result or error, defect or omission in information provided by AMOSTE 21, S.L.

Furthermore, AMOSTE 21, S.L. may provisionally request the provisional suspension of all services when it deems necessary on grounds such as repair or maintenance of hardware, programs or own networks.


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