Lead Generation

Lead Generation B2B TIC

Would you like to increase your sales? Would you like to generate more opportunities to your sales representatives? Do you need more pipeline?

At PGR+ the LEAD is KING. Our objective is to generate opportunities for technology companies in Spain and Portugal. PGR+ has the experience and knowledge required to increase customers' sales pipelines in an effective and qualified manner.

PGR+s outbound marketing and ICT telemarketing skills are combined with online communications and experience in database marketing to maximise results and efficiency.

PGR+ can also control prospect traffic through its automated marketing platforms and call centre.

Benefits of the PGR+ ICT lead generation service:

  • Expand your pipeline with highly qualified 'Hot Leads'

  • CIO and Reseller database incorporation

  • Valuable content generated in online communications

    for accelerating the conversion process. Portfolio of design and content.

  • Generation of new opportunities for your channel for creating brand loyalty. 

    Channel marketing services.

  • Inside sales experts by technology area.

  • Centralised resources, reduced costs and return on investment  for your marketing and sales departments.

  • Control, analysis and interpretation of results.


PGR+ defines your campaign target and designs a marketing plan together with you that is adapted to your requirements, using the tools required for increasing the volume of leads and their conversion to sales within established and well-defined objectives.